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Jinan diesel engines

Marine diesel-geared sets

Marine gensets & emergency sets

Modern medium-speed diesel engines with capacity of 165-2400kW are designed by the AVL List GmbH company (Austria). Engines are widely applied on sea and river crafts as the main and auxiliary engines.

High-speed marine diesel engines DEUTZ, STEYR, VOLVO PENTA, with capacity of 480kW are the part of diesel-gearbox units made by Remdisel Ltd.                                                                                                      

Auxiliary and emergency diesel generators withalternative current with capacity of 20-600kW, are serially produced by Remdiesel Ltd on the basis of marine engines DEUTZ. STEYR, VOLVO PENTA, JINAN DIESEL                                    

Marine Gearboxes

Generators Siemens

Spare parts

Hydraulic gearboxes with multidisk clutch of coupling are intended for charge of turns number and the direction of engine rotation by torque transfer on the rowing screw                                                                                                         

Generators of an alternating current of SIEMENS, with one or two bearings are intended for work as a part of power plants with capacity of 26-1380kW as a source of  a three-phase current, frequency of 50Hz and intension 400 and 230V

Refilling of warehouses by spare parts allows qualitatively with the minimum terms to carry out service guarantee and post guarantee repair of used diesel units                                                 


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