01.08.2016 Shipping company Żegluga Gdańska Sp. z. o.o, Gdańsk, Poland has finished the modernization of its passenger motor ship “Smiltyne” of 81080 design. Within the framework of the modernization process 2 main engines 3Д6 were replaced with marine diesel-geared sets DRA 140/1500-RD1213 with total output 380hp and manufactured by “Remdiesel” ltd. The diesel-geared equipped with warning protection system “Irtysh 7SU6-11”. The diesel-geared sets were installed at Żegluga Gdańska Sp. z.o.o own repair facility under the surveillance of PRS (Polish Register of Shipping). Replacement scheme designer is Żegluga Gdańska Sp. z.o.o.

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